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/ Les Amies de Pogge

Les Amies de Pogge is a group of enthusiastic Brussels residents who embrace the amiable Pogge, folk hero of Schaarbeek, and also work to preserve ‘Aux Trois Rois’, his favourite pub which disappeared in 2016, by means of an impressive copy that’s a great place to spend time.

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This project was ended 08/07/2019

Join in the restoration of the ‘Aux Trois Rois’ pop-up pub in Schaarbeek and enjoy its unique atmosphere at the ‘Alles es Just’ festival!

The ‘Aux Trois Rois’ pop-up pub is an evocative full-size reconstruction of the eponymous and oldest pub in Schaarbeek, which disappeared in 2016.

The original pub was a magical place, full of memories of the old village of Schaarbeek, with the statue of the little folk hero Pogge as a permanent visitor. Since 1875, the café was also the meeting place of the folklore group 'Les Amis de Pogge'.

Just before the demolition, the pub’s interior was successfully preserved in drawings. With the help of these detailed plans, the scenographers at Wing Nuts Decor (also known for Bar Eliza in Koekelberg!) created a full-sized copy.

In October 2016 the pop-up pub was festively inaugurated at the ‘Alles es Just!’ festival in Schaarbeek, leaving an indelible impression.

Since then the pub has been resurrected twice a year, making for a great festival attraction (at ‘Alles es Just!’ and also at the Haren Belgian endive festival). This is a real village pub with pub games and is a great place to spend time, with interesting concerts and workshops.

However, after being set up and broken down again five times in a row it’s high time for some serious refurbishment!

Together with Wing Nuts Decor - and your help! - we’ll be designing a sturdy, durable pub interior to stand the test of time.

That way you can continue to enjoy this surreal village pub, which will be resurrected anew at ‘Alles es Just!’ between 4 and 8 October.

As an appropriate addition to the festivities, a new ‘Les Amies de Pogge’ group will be launched as well!

However, to achieve all this we will need EUR 12,000 altogether. The majority of the budget is destined for the actual restoration of the pub (wainscoting, benches, etc.)

To collect this amount we’ve come up with the following fantastic rewards:

- EUR 10: become a lifelong member of the new ‘Les Amies de Pogge’ group (men are also welcome, of course!) As a member you can participate in 2 annual parades during the carnival and the festival 'Alles es Just'. 

- EUR 25: In addition to the previous reward, you will receive 2 drink vouchers on 'Alles es Just'.

- EUR 50: In addition to the previous rewards, you'll get the costume accessories of 'Les Amies de Pogge' and 4 drinks vouchers on 'Alles es Just'.

- EUR 125: In addition to the previous rewards, you can enjoy an apero + dinner for 2 people (with the best shrimp or cheese croquettes in Brussels!) at 'Alles es Just'.

- EUR 250: At 'Alles es Just', you can enjoy an afterwork apero with your friends or staff (max. 30 drinks). Your name or that of your organisation will be framed and displayed in the pop-up café.

- EUR 500: You will enjoy an introductory course in archery shooting (for adults or children) in the Josaphat Park, for up to 12 people, at a time of your choice. Each participant will be offered 2 drinks in the Buvette Sint-Sebastiaan.

- EUR 1,000: You will enjoy an introductory course in archery shooting (for adults or children) in the Josaphat Park, for up to 12 people, at a time of your choice. After the initiation, the whole group can enjoy a hot meal in the Buvette Saint-Sebastian.

- EUR 2,500: borrow the pop-up pub  for your own festival or cultural centre

Our heartfelt thank you and Alles es Just!