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/ The Brussels library for baby supplies

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/ The Brussels library for baby supplies

We are Sarah from Gemeenschapscentrum Elzenhof and Hanne and Eva from the non-profit organisation Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken. Our two organisations are the perfect match for the Babytek. Together towards a sustainable future!

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This project was ended 30/01/2018

The Babytek gives wee ones in Brussels a sustainable start. It is a handy system for borrowing baby items that you only need for a short time. Whether space is limited at home, you only have your little niece visiting a few times a year, you have a limited budget or just want to opt for radically less clutter, the Babytek is the solution for young families looking for sustainable baby supplies. Lend a hand in making the Babytek possible!

Hooray, there's a baby on the way! Let's quickly get the nursery ready! What do you need to make it happen? A great deal, if you’re to believe the many birth gift registries and tips. However, there are several things that are only used briefly if ever. Young parents face significant costs, while 4 in 10 children in Brussels grow up in poverty.

Our lending service for baby items aims to make sustainable baby supplies accessible to all. We hope to inspire other places with the Babytek in Ixelles/Elsene Community Centre, so that lending services can develop throughout Flanders for sustainable baby supplies.  

What does the Babytek do?

  1. We collect high-quality and sustainable baby supplies that can remain in circulation for a long time (such as a baby bath, high chair cushions, Maxi-Cosy, breast feeding cushion, baby food processors, bouncers, buggies, etc.)
  2. We offer people an opportunity to test products (not every baby likes a baby carrier)
  3. We chip away at the mountain of waste
  4. We offer a solution for people with limited space at home
  5. We bring young parents into contact with a real-life example of use instead of ownership
  6. We create a meeting place for young parents in the heart of Brussels  


Who is the Babytek for?

Everyone can become a member of the Babytek. The Babytek is for parents and grandparents, rich and poor, newly formed families and singles, Brussels natives and newcomers, minimalists and those up for new experiences, etc. As a member, you have access to a great many high-quality baby supplies!

Why do we need your support?

There's no Babytek without sustainable baby supplies! €12,000 is the amount we need to start up the Babytek, to furnish the Elzenhof centre and purchase high-quality supplies. Every contribution is important to give every family access to high-quality baby supplies, including those who find it harder to make ends meet or do not have a large support network. Help bring the Babytek into the world and support the campaign.

What will we do with the proceeds of our campaign?

  • We will ensure a pleasant and cosy meeting place in the Elzenhof Community Centre;
  • We will buy sustainable baby supplies;  
  • We will ensure an accessible lending platform and clear communication.

How can you help the Babytek get started?

  • Pass this appeal on to family and friends.
  • Support us and choose one of the rewards.
  • Do you have baby supplies that are still usable and deserve a second life? Keep an eye on our Facebook page for collection details.
  • Become a volunteer at the Elzenhof Community Centre and help during  Babytek opening hours.


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