Give the Women of Brussels a Voice!

/ The Brussels Binder Team


/ The Brussels Binder Team

Charlotte and Sarah are the brains behind the project. Corinna is our overall mentor and inspiration. And then our brilliant co-conspirators: Anastasia, Danielle, Jacqui, Madeleine, Martina, Paola, Veronica, Sabina, Tika and Virginia.

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This project was ended 16/04/2017

Brussels, where are the women?! It’s 2017 and we still see more men than women at conferences, business meetings, on tv and lectures. It’s time for change. Help us get out the female voices in Brussels. Help us build a Brussels Binder!

Hello Brussels! Our aim is to end the mysterious absence of women in the Brussels policy debate by building an online database of female policy experts and journalists: The Brussels Binder.

Because we have a problem. The city of Brussels is full of talented women from all over the world, working in business, government, international organizations and civil society. Brussels, as the heart of Europe, is moving through tough times. Important plans and policies are debated at conferences to inform and influence politicians, journalists, activists, consultants and bureaucrats and set the agenda for Europe’s future. However- these conferences often do not include women. Last year, only one-quarter of all the speakers at Brussels conferences were female. And worse, at one-third of these influential and high-profile Brussels events there wasn’t a single female voice.

Now this is bad. With the difficult challenges Europe faces, we need to include all our best minds. We can’t do this by reproducing the same discussion and debates with the same speakers, who only represent half of the European population and workforce. We can’t ignore the opinions of the women in Brussels, because then we will fail to include the experience we need to come up with good policy.

But here’s the solution. In our experience, organizers of all-male events reply to challenges with “I couldn’t think of any female experts to invite!” But this is simply not true. The talented women are out there, they are just not being asked because we don’t know them. And this is where we want to help: support busy organizers of media programs and events to find women by offering them a searchable online database of female experts. This database should be open for all female experts in Brussels that want to be featured and free and publicly accessible, so that “I couldn’t think of any women to invite” becomes a practical impossibility.

The Master Plan: In the past months, our database team has compiled a list of female policy experts and journalists in Brussels who would like to be featured in the database and we have designed a basic webpage. The next step will be hiring a web developer to build a professional website and get the database online.  As soon as the database is up and running, we will continue to recruit new female experts through sending out a monthly newsletter and online and offline promotion of the website.

We need your support. We believe that when one (wo)man helps another, amazing things can happen! Therefore we need your sponsorship and support. We need to raise 7500 euro to hire the web developer, build the website and keep it up to date.  But not only would your gift get you a Brussels Binder, our eternal gratitude and good karma, we want to give you something back:

  • For 10 euro you get a free ticket and a glass of bubbles (or more…) at The Brussels Binder launch party.
  • 30 euro will get you a signed copy of “Unfinished Business” by one of our big inspirers Anne Marie Slaughter, on work, women, men, family, and how to combine it all.
  • For 75 euro, we give you a free membership of Women in International Security (also for men!) for one year, which will give you access to their leadership training, mentoring, and networking programs as well as events and discussions on current policy challenges.
  • For 150 euro we offer you a tailor-made professional development workshop in a small group by one of the professionals in our Brussels Binder network.
  • For 300 euro, you get two tickets to an exclusive and fabulous “Friends of the Brussels Binder” dinner party, hosted by one of the Brussels Binder high-level Ambassadors.
  • 750 euro gives you access for two people to one of Brussels’ major political events (contact us for more info about the events). 
  • If you donate 1000 euro or more, you will get a special mention on our webpage, in addition to a tailor-made reward. Contact us for more info.