/ Quality of Life, resilience and biodiversity

This project was ended 31/01/2017

Plant a climber, shrub or tree at home or in a Brussels school. Help improve the quality, resilience and biodiversity of our city’s environment and become a Bûûmplanter!

Many a little makes a mickle

Your terrace, façade, garden, school garden or company premises are part of a huge untapped potential for green space in Brussels. A whopping 42% of undeveloped space in our city is privately owned (compared with a total of 32% accounting for public parks and forests).

Do you want to help improve the quality, resilience and biodiversity of our city’s environment by starting with your bit of green space? We will gladly advise you and deliver a plant/plants that are suited to your space.

Are you interested in making Brussels greener, but don’t have enough space to plant a tree? It's now possible, because with your financial support we can plant a tree in a Brussels school. Hundreds of children and teachers will enjoy it every day.

The commitment

Fragrant blossoms, butterflies that flit around, delicious fruit, birds singing merrily, clean air, cool and restful shadow in the summertime... More green space will only improve the quality of life in Brussels.

But we Bûûmplanters are upping the ante.  Specifically, with the assistance of the Centre for Botanical Enrichment (www.botanischeverrijking.be), we are offering different plants that your local nursery often tends to overlook.

The fact that this also increases our environment’s biodiversity and resilience for coping with the consequences of climate change is an added bonus.

So what can you expect as a Bûûmplanter?

  • Advice and delivery (at home or at a collection point near you) of one or more climbers, shrubs and/or trees (spring 2017).
  • Care tips
  • Eternal membership and inclusion in the inventory of distributed plants
  • An annual meeting, because we like our members to be as close as the bark to the tree.

Even if you don’t have the space to plant anything, you can still become a Bûûmplanter. Fund our project and choose not to receive the reward. We guarantee that your contribution will be integrally invested in making Brussels schools greener.