Fitting out our brand-new Chiro clubhouse

/ Chiro Jijippeke – Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

This project was ended 05/03/2017

After 15 years, the Sint-Jans-Molenbeek Chiro will also have its own clubhouse, but it still needs to be fitted out. And we’d like to do that together with all of you.

Chiro Jijippeke was set up in 2002 out of the conviction that children from Old-Molenbeek are also entitled to their own youth movement. In Molenbeek too, it should and must be possible for kids to play outside!

15 years and a whole lot of growing pains later, we’re ready for the next step: our own clubhouse. And thanks to the support of the VGC, Minister Pascal Smet, and lokaal dienstencentrum Randstad it will soon be a reality: our own clubhouse and storage shed are on the way!

Right now we already have the finances for the walls and roof; however, the interior design is also important: we want to be able to indulge the children of the Chiro with hot chocolate on a chilly day, ensure that the leaders can comfortably hold a meeting, and store recreational materials in an organised manner. With your help we hope to be able to equip the clubhouse with the following:

  • A table and chairs
  • A kitchenette with oven, fridge and microwave
  • Good lighting
  • A blackboard (or whiteboard)
  • Storage cupboards
  • Heating
  • Toilets
  • ...

Not only will your donation ensure that over 50 members have their own spot where they can meet up and play together for many years to come, we’ve thought of you too:

  • For €10 we’ll invite you for drinks and nibbles at the grand opening of the clubhouse.
  • For €30 you’ll also get a personal card from us from summer camp!
  • For €80 we’ll treat you to a 3-course meal with accompanying beverages for 2 persons at our next lunch/dinner.
  • For €150 we’ll make you feel all young again: an all-inclusive overnight stay this summer at our camp (5-12 July) for 2 persons.
  • For €250 you can make a child of your choice a life-long member of Chiro Jijippeke.
  • For €500 we will organise a dinner for max. 10 persons in our new clubhouse.
  • For €1500 you will be our hero until the end of time! And we are taking that literally: we will immortalise your name in our clubhouse. You can also make your à la carte selection from the list above: contact us for this!