Fanfakids Go Strange again!

/ Centrum West-D’Broej / Met-X

This project was ended 18/03/2018

Fanfakids is a joyful and ever-changing band of a dozen young people (between 7 and 15 years old) who transform their youthful enthusiasm into infectious rhythms. It is the metropolitan music mix that they grew up with in their home base, the Centrum West community centre in Brussels, and which they can unleash on an unsuspecting public in all casualness: no poses, no fake, honest and energetic, right in your face! Just like the previous generations of Fanfakids, the current group also wants to go on a musical adventure in West Africa in the summer of 2018. During this exchange, they play, rehearse and perform together with young musicians in Togo and Benin. Support us!

The Fanfakids are a group of young musicians from the Centrum West-D'Broej youth centre in Molenbeek who are musically accompanied by the non-profit organisation Met-X vzw. They saw the light of day over 15 years ago during the Zinneke Parade. As real Zinnekes, they contribute to a more positive image and reputation of Molenbeek and the youth of Brussels. Throughout the country and far beyond its borders, they demonstrate that Brussels youths with different cultural, social and economic backgrounds can work together with each other and with other groups of young people. The Fanfakids set a good example for other Brussels children and they even give workshops to other youths from the neighbourhood or the school.

The current generation is now mature enough to cope with the great challenge of an exchange project. However, the former subsidy possibilities no longer exist and most of the kids come from socially vulnerable environments, meaning that a financial boost from the public at large will ensure that the project really does become possible! To pay for their flight tickets, the kids have already put aside an admirable amount of money earned from their appearances over the years. During the children's 3-week stay we can count on the parents to provide their meals, but we are counting on you to finance overnight stays, transport, workshops and excursions on-site! In total, we are still looking for at least €4,000. Anything above this amount will certainly benefit the Togolese or Beninese children, who live in even more difficult circumstances.

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