Atelier POPulaire 2020: Power to the prints!


This project was ended 12/07/2020

Let GRAFIK continue to flourish and support us so that we can create and publish even more beautiful prints and zines, organize further connecting activities and put illustrators in the picture. 

WELCOME TO GRAFIK is a small independent bookstore, gallery and meeting place in Schaerbeek, specialising in graphic art and illustration. Be inspired by the fantastic collection, exchange ideas over a cup of coffee or experiment with different techniques during a workshop. At GRAFIK you'll discover passionate artists and learn from other graphic art lovers in a creative environment where there's always something to do. We've been open for a year and a half now, we've organised more than 120 events (workshops, book screenings, film projections, vernissages).

We would like to take GRAFIK to the next level, expand and refine our activities, do more promotion for illustrators, occasionally publish prints and zines ourselves, host artists in residence... For this we need extra infrastructure (material & riso machine), and you can help us with that!

Shortly after the implementation of containment measures, we launched the "Love in Times of Corona" appeal to spread love in times of pandemic. The appeal was a huge success and generated quite a bit of press response. You will soon be able to admire these creations in the Zine being printed! We want to increase the impact of our love for print and illustration by working with illustrators and enthusiasts in a targeted way.

We would like to set up a small studio dedicated to risk prints and self-published zines. For this we also need a riso machine. 

We would like to organize social and connecting activities, as we already did with the call “Love in Times of Corona”. We are not insensitive to social challenges, with projects that put the art of illustration at the service of active citizenship.

Help us to create and publish even more beautiful things! Be seduced by our rewards and share our campaign!

Thanks a lot! ☺

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Read the 'Love in times of Corona' article in Bruzz.


Special thanks to Axel Claes from Chez Rosi, for helping us to conceive the printing atelier and to be our partner for the future risoworkshops!