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This project was ended 26/04/2017

Help make an ambitious short film against racism and the culture of fear that paralyses society. Setting: the “Hellhole” that is Brussels (description courtesy of President Trump). Lockdown looks at issues such as terrorism, prejudices and a run-of-the-mill neighbourhood quarrel.

Lockdown takes place in Molenbeek, and its genre is satire packaged in a thriller. The plot involves two family men, Louis and Taoufik, who are embroiled in an unpleasant neighbourhood quarrel about their rubbish bags. When they are unwittingly confined to a house as the street is locked down by the police’s anti-terrorist unit, their emotions boil up to the surface. And when the white neighbour, overcome by his prejudices, accuses his quick-tempered Arabic neighbour of being the terrorist the police are looking for, the film heads straight for an explosive ending.

Because the neighbourhood has been filmed on numerous occasions, but never with the residents’ involvement, we want to do things differently this time around. Our goal is to include younger and older generations alike in this project. We ask them to play a part both in front of and behind the camera.

What we first and foremost want to achieve is a sort of confluence, a symbiosis between the film’s creative process and the neighbourhood itself. Our filming location is a street in Molenbeek’s Quartier Maritime (near the canal). The extras will be the local residents themselves and the food will come from a local caterer.

We also plan to organise an exclusive pre-première with the cast and crew, for the benefit of the residents.  To sum it up, what we are trying to do is get the real locals involved in the project, something that will not only result in a huge amount of authenticity but also an enriching experience for the young people in the area. In this context we will be working with, among others, the local community (youth organisations, community centres, local shops, ….).

We want to raise at least €6,000 by having you take part in the film-making process. This money will be used primarily to finance the project’s integration with the neighbourhood and the city. There are several support options accessible to any budget.

(This text was translated by Ubiqus Belgium, Growfunding’s language service provider)