Solidary silkscreening

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This project was ended 03/06/2018

As committed artisans, we want, through silkscreening, to support undocumented people in Brussels. Together, let's make the acquisition of a workshop and equipment possible.

No Doc is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help undocumented people in their struggle for regularization and to raise awareness about this issue.

For this, we participate in various events in the capital city and we sell bags and t-shirts with our images.

In order to continue our activities in optimal conditions, we need to invest in a new screen printing installation. Therefore we need 3,500 euros.

This sum will allow us to acquire small silkscreen machines and rent a small studio.This will allow us to produce as we please and store our productions.

Through our craft activities, we, undocumented people, hope to meet our needs on the long term.

In return for your participation, we offer you an introduction to screen printing during one of our workshops and print all your logos on the substrate of your choice and much more!

Support us by :

  • Sharing this campaign in your network and on social media

  • Chosing a reward

  • Making a financial contribution directly on our bank account: BE28 3630 1972 7820 mentioning : "growfunding - your mail adress"