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/ Bringing People Together

Our House Project is driven by a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Together we want to break through stereotypes and prejudice and especially bring people together.

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This project was ended 26/03/2018

As of January 2018 Our House Project will be cooking four days a week at ‘La Serre’, Rue Gray 171 in Ixelles: a collective space run by non-profit organisation Communa, which offers the opportunity for social projects to do their activities there.

In order to provide Brussels with our delicious hummus and falafel we need professional kitchen material and a van.

Our House Project is a Brussels based non-profit organisation which promotes the integration of refugees, among others through culinary and cultural exchanges. The heart of Our House is the kitchen, because we firmly believe that good food brings people together!

How did our team come together?

Mohammed and Fatima used to run their own restaurant in Syria. Omar and Shahla had a successful pastry shop. Nour used to be the owner of a snack in Damascus. Rami studied law, but is also good at teaching kids how to cook. Ahmed is from Iraq and is a man with many talents: organising, translating, but also baking falafel. Alaa would like to study psychology in Belgium, but earns an extra buck as our good-natured kitchen help…

Refugees already have the talents and skills. It is up to us to discover and recognize these. Together with them and many more enthusiastic volunteers we are Our House.

In the eight months of our existence we have organized many events which have brought people together. By going on location and working together with several other Brussels based organizations Our House is getting more and more known. The positive reactions about our baba ganoush, hummus, kibbeh… motivate our team to keep on going!

Why are we asking for your help?

One of our main aims is to effectively create employment. On 1 December we hired our first chef. As of January we can hopefully hire two more sous chefs.

In January 2018 we will be cooking four days a week in Rue Gray 171 in Ixelles. In order to properly equip the kitchen we need specific kitchen material: a hummus machine, a professional oven, a mixer, toaster… That’s why we are calling for your help! Because if we have a well-equipped kitchen, we can offer even more delicious food and reach a broader public. Support us by buying a reward and come and enjoy a delicious falafel wrap or a steaming cup of lentil soup!

We would also like to start delivering food to people and companies in Brussels. If we buy a van we can reach a lot more people and we can create yet more employment.