Support for projects

Implementing a successful crowdfunding campaign is no piece of cake. All the projects that are launched through Growfunding receive custom support.

Education, training & consultancy

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept with a lot of different implementations. We have developed a specific offering to share the available knowledge about crowdfunding (including social crowdfunding).

Partner page

Cities and municipalities or larger organisations can use crowdfunding as social and financial leverage. The development of our partner pages facilitates this. They are also easy to navigate and very accessible.

Research and development

Crowdfunding (including social crowdfunding) is still in the early stages of development in Belgium. A lot of potential is as yet untapped. Investing in further research and development is therefore vital.


New date to be confirmed and #StaySafe


The podcast about innovative and engaged projects in Brussels that participate in a crowdfunding campaign on Growfunding /bxl.

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