Meet Ben the plateosaurus 

/ the Plateo team


/ the Plateo team

The Belgian palaeontologists Pascal Godefroit (Museum) and Koen Stein (VUB) have the support of an entire team of passionate assistants who take care of Ben’s well-being. Stéphane Berton and Aldo Impens, however, have the most important task of all: to release Ben from his gangue of sediment. photo: Aldo Impens, Stéphane Berton, Victor Calle, Jonica dos Remedios, Pascal Godefroit

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This project was ended 21/05/2017

Help Ben the plateosaurus move into the Dinosaur Gallery of the Museum of Natural Sciences. It has been over 100 years since a new original dinosaur fossil has been displayed in Brussels. Coming in at 210 million years old, Ben will be the oldest ‘Brussels sprout’.

Support this unique project and join the Plateoteam!

For the first time in over a century, the Dinosaur Gallery of the Museum of Natural Sciences will add a new, original dinosaur fossil to its collection. Ben was entrusted to our care by the town of Frick in Switzerland. We have received a gigantic 200-piece dinosaur puzzle from them. It’s now up to us to release him from his repository of sediment and plaster so we can present him to you in December.

The palaeontological work, which is a painstaking process, started in May 2016. Ben is gradually starting to reveal some of his secrets to us.  What is very unusual for an original fossil is that its excellent constitution will allow us to exhibit it outside a display case.

But we need your help, so that thousands of visitors will soon be able to admire Ben. We are looking for 25,000 euro to fund the cost of exhibiting Ben: the assembly and installation on a tailor-made metallic structure, the construction of a podium and development of educative support.

Lend your support for this project: by sharing information about it on social media, talking about it to family and friends, in your children’s class, at work! And above all... join the Plateoteam!

All members will receive a certificate (you decide by the end of May which name to put on it) and a unique souvenir of their encounter with Ben the plateosaurus.

  • Plateofriend - €10 -You like dinosaurs and want to welcome Ben to Brussels. Receive a €1 discount voucher (max 4 pers.)
  • Plateofan - €50 -You are mad about dinosaurs. Receive a unique pro digital photo on Photo fan day (16/12) !
  • Plateogeek - €100 - Be the first to meet Ben! Join us for the VIP viewing (14/12 x2 pers.).
  • Plateophile - €250 - Dinosaurs hold absolutely no secrets whatsoever for you!  Enjoy a kid’s animation (16 or 23/09x5 pers.) or a visit behind the scenes (10/06 x2 pers.) and attend our VIP event.
  • Plateologist - €500 - If you cannot be a palaeontologist, why not become a plateologist! Enjoy a kid’s animation (16 or 23/09 x5 pers.) or receive 2 year passes to the Museum or a visit behind the scenes (x 15 pers.) or a school formula for your children’s class and also receive an invitation to our VIP event.
  • Plateo(wo)man - €1,500You are the Plateo team’s super hero!  Celebrate this with 14 of your friends or co-workers in a palaeontological lab. Cocktails are on us (date to be determined). You will also receive an invitation to our VIP event and 2 year passes to the Museum.
  • Ambassador - €2,400 and more - Contact us by e-mail so we can develop a tailor-made offer with you (private event in our museum or other option).

Support us here or on the account of the Museum (BE 09 6792 0058 2357) with this communication: Plateoteam + your email

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Thank you and see you soon!
Ben and the Plateo team


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