Protest March - 5 p.m., 24 May, BXL NORTH

/ Platform ‘Trump not Welcome’

This project was ended 23/05/2017

On 24 May (5 p.m., Brussels North Railway Station) we will be letting the world know that we disagree with the policy pursued by President Trump and his European counterparts.

Make this protest march possible, pitch in and share this call to action with your network!

At the end of May, US President Donald Trump will be visiting Belgium for a NATO summit. In the past months, Trump has aroused worldwide indignation by such as actions as sowing discord, denying climate change, intimidating the media, dismantling solidarity and insulting both friend and foe.

Together, we aim to make our collective opinion heard against Donald Trump, his policy and his European counterparts. Join us at the protest march on 24 May at 5 p.m. in Brussels:

  • For social rights: We aim to defend the interests of the 99% and take a stand against the worldwide policy of budget-cutting, the dismantling of social rights and the weakening of the position of the working classes.
  • For peace and against all military interventions in breach of international law. Against military investments at the cost of education, healthcare, our climate and international solidarity.
  • For a better world to live in: We want a collectively-backed and resolute climate policy for a sustainable future.
  • Against sexism and racism: rights for which the battle was initiated long ago are now under fire. We oppose every form of discrimination and speak out for a humane reception policy for refugees.

We expect thousands to participate in this protest march. Numerous artists and speakers have pledged to contribute to this event. In order to ensure that this march runs smoothly and safely, we are still searching for funding to the amount of €5,500. This sum will be used to cover the following costs:

  • Podium with sound system
  • Security services
  • Communication

You can help by attending this protest march, by sharing this call to action with your network and/or by pledging your support, for which you will receive one of the following rewards:

  • €10: a sticker and a poster, to be collected from the stands at the start and end points of the protest
  • €40: a sticker, a poster and a bike flag, to be collected from the stands at the start and end points of the protest
  • €75: all of the above plus a copy of one of the following books: Als de NAVO de passie preekt (NL) or La stratégie du chaos (FR)
  • €250: the €75 reward plus a lecture and/or workshop on one of the themes of the protest march (to be chosen in consultation with the organisation)
  • €500: the €75 reward plus a screening of the film Shadow World, including a discussion afterwards
  • €1000:  contact us  and together we’ll come up with a really special reward in return

(This text was translated by Ubiqus Belgium, Growfunding’s language service provider)