A bicycle café in Madou




Tandem is run by a team of 5 founders passionate about good food and cycling: Céline and Amandine take care of the décor and the menu, Corentin is our numbers man, Gautier is our mechanic and Florent takes care of comms. And each of us can make you a cappuccino with bicycle-shaped milk foam! Our dream is to open up a welcoming, warm and eco-friendly place centred around cycling and quality food.

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This project was ended 31/07/2020

Tandem combines sustainable gourmet food with a bicycle repair workshop. We’ve tested our concept as a pop-up and are now ready to set up permanently! Help us in the home straight!

Why Tandem?

Because there was nowhere yet in Brussels that combined good food with bicycle repairs. A place open to all: hearty eaters, coffee lovers, cyclists or... future cyclists. A friendly place, where you want to spend a while, whether for a healthy, local lunch, to sip a gourmet coffee, get an express repair to your bicycle, work with your laptop, have a relaxing drink after work or find a unique gift.

Tandem is also a kid-friendly venue with a kids’ corner, a suitable menu and gourmet brunches at the weekend.

Why use crowdfunding?

Because after taking the time to test the relevance and soundness of our plan with two successive pop-ups, we found a great place to set up shop: a large space, backyard terrace and a win-win partnership with Mundo Madou.

To get us up and running, we are making significant investments and are launching a crowdfunding campaign to give us a boost in the home straight.


This crowdfunding campaign will enable us to finance several investments valued at €10,000:

- A top of the range oven for the famous Tandem cookies

- A coffee machine for our short espresso shots

- Equipment for the bicycle workshop so that Tandem mechanics can repair your loyal steed

- Some lovely benches for you to sit on and take a rest

In exchange for your generous contribution, we have arranged some nice rewards that you can pick up at Tandem.

The entire Tandem team thanks you in advance for your assistance and looks forward to welcoming you for a coffee or a repair!