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LABOLOBO is a non-profit organization aiming to strength and encourage solidarity between all generations. We promote interactions, creativity and well-being. We organize intergenerational meetings around artistic and recreational activities in different contexts such as rest homes, care homes and schools in the same neighborhood.

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This project was ended 01/02/2019

TUK TUK Jette is a social mobility project aimed at seniors in the north of Brussels. A network of young volunteers will provide a taxi service with an electric tuk-tuk to the elderly inhabitants.

Having an active place in society as a citizen is a right and a basic need for all. Many seniors who are losing their mobility can no longer exercise this right: the vicious circle of isolation is reinforced by the loss of mobility. Tuk Tuk Jette wants to take up this challenge!

Tuk Tuk Jette is:

- a tool for everyone to forge new social links
- having fun while being outdoors together
- a soft mobility solution  for the vulnerable road user

With our electric tuk-tuk we want to offer a customized service: going to the doctor, shopping,  the park or the market? Tuk Tuk Jette will take you there, not only by organizing transport, but also and especially by creating social relationships between the volunteers, the users and the organizations that support the project.

Tuk Tuk Jette is more than just a bicycle: the benefits are manifold, both for volunteers and seniors, their entourage and the public space. Tuk Tuk Jette brings together several actors: Labolobo asbl / vzw buys the tuk-tuk and works together with CyCLO vzw, Maritime Community Center asbl and Cactus vzw and is suported by Mobiel21!


Our goal: to encourage solidarity between generations
These exchanges are good for everyone! Everyone can play a role in helping to break the isolation and facilitate the movement of seniors.

What are we doing with the budget?

- It will be used to buy the first electric tuk-tuk in Brussels! This bike is suitable for the transport of people with reduced mobility (in terms of ergonomics and safety).

- The money raised will also be used to train each volunteer to safely conduct tuktuk

- As well as to cover part of the graphic design and production costs of the campaign.

Unlike petrol tuk-tuks, ours will not produce gas or noise, other than the buzzing of the electric motor and the laughter of its passengers.

We dream of being able to purchase many bicycles and thus take the first step towards an alternative mobility network in the entire region.


Support this project and take the first step towards an alternative network of bicycle taxis for elderly people in Brussels!

10 € TUKTUK BELIEVER: Free admission and a free drink at the Tuk Tuk Jette launch party
25 € TUKTUK LOVER: 1 Tuk Tuk Jette T-shirt + free admission and a free drink at Tuk Tuk Jette's launch party
50 € FIRST CLASS AMBASSADOR: First reservation for a tuk tuk ride + 1 Tuk Tuk Jette T-shirt + free admission and a free drink at Tuktuk Jette's launch party
100 € 100% EXPLORER : 6 artistic workshops at Labo Lobo + Free admission for 2 people and 2 drinks offered at Tuktuk Jette launch party
150 € DIY bike repair workshop by neighborhood workshop in the neigborhood Magritte/Essegem: with this reward you buy a bicycle repair shop for 4 people that is offered by the volunteers of neighborhood studio Magritte/Essegem who together with CyCLO work with you and make you a bicycle fixer! www.facebook.com/cyclolokal
250 € On the road with Cactus !
Invite 10 of your friends for a guided bike ride in Brussels. (https://cactus.brussels/)
500 € TUKTUK STAR: The Labo Lobo space is yours for ½ day + 1 personalized artistic happening + 1 Tuk Tuk tshirt
1000 € YOU ARE COMPLETELY TUKTUK ?! Then we need to talk , our reward  will be up to your generosity!