Music centre in Brussels

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This project was ended 21/01/2019

Countless musical talents are on the rise  in Brussels! There is a huge need for rehearsal places to support young music bands in Brussels. This is why we want to build 12 new rehearsal rooms in Brussels. This will be the place to meet the new Brussels based talents.

If you share our passion and would like to support all these young talents, contribute to  our Growfunding campaign and discover this new place in Brussels!

Brussels has been struggling for years with a shortage of rehearsal spaces and stages. Musicians are forced to rehearse in cellars and attics. Volta wants to offer rehearsal spaces and stages to musicians who have outgrown the café circuit but are not playing in the big clubs yet.

After thorough investigations, we found a new space in Anderlecht which will be totally transformed so that we can host the alternative bands from Brussels. The 3000 square meters will offer:

  • A stage for concerts, try-outs, festivals, and showcase (capacity up to 300 people!).
  • Rooms will also be available for classes, workshops, and info-sessions to develop young music talents.

In order to transform this space (which is still empty) in a professional music centre able to host artists and people in good conditions, we must invest in isolation of rehearsal rooms. That is why we need 25 000 euros.

With this amount, we will improve isolation of rooms, buy new doors, and make a few construction works to improve acoustics. Also, we will invest in a new stage so that new talents can give the best of themselves!

With your help, we will be able to offer a new house for young talents in Brussels, and also offer  a unique live high quality experience to the public!

Support us!

  • €10 : a drink at our opening party
  • €30 : 3 concerts tickets + invitation to our opening party
  • €50 : 5 concerts tickets + invitation to our opening party
  • €100: Discover the new artists from our Golden Volta Playlist at home + 5 tickets to see your new heroes!
  • €200:   Join Volta’s club: 5 concerts tickets and walk the streets in our VOLTA hoodie, T-shirt and hat!
  • €400:   Collector items: The most beautiful VOLTA moments recorded and brought together in a live photo book + VOLTA hoodie, T-shirt and cap! And receive 5 concert tickets on top!
  • €500 : VOLTA FOR LIFE! Lifelong subscription to our "Volta Invites" concerts. The "Volta Invites" concerts serie brings young and emerging talent in the light.
  • €750 : An exclusive master class at VOLTA for a teambuilding event! Let yourself be immersed in the universe of a musical genius with your colleagues or with your friends.
  • €1500: Contact us and we will search together for a suitable reward!