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This project was ended 25/12/2018

Wonderloop is a new, sustainable fashion shop for women and men. Help us to finance renovation works and make Wonderloop your own Slow Fashion Shop!

What is Wonderloop?

Our WonderTeam selects European brands and Belgian designers with passion and care. They must be respectful towards the environment, as well respect employment conditions. Our shop offers a selection of clothing and accessories for men and women, which correspond to your style, your budget and your values. You can try our items in a chill atmosphere, we will give you advice and you can take all your time to decide.

Wonderloop… It is also your home!

It’s been since 2016 that Helena dreams about this Slow Fashion shop. In May 2018, this dream has come true with the opening of Wonderloop on 35 Rue de Flandre, 1000 Brussels. It is now time to share this dream with you !

We are dreaming of…
… a chill and cozy place ;
… a shop where you feel at home
… a place where people come in out of curiosity, leave with a smile, and come back with great pleasure !

Work agenda

  • We are going to break the ceiling to gain height

  • We are rethinking lighting to create a sweet and chill atmosphere

  • We are building custom stands to better present creations and articles

  • We are building fitting rooms to ensure comfort and privacy

  • We are building a little sitting room so that you can feel at home

Everything is of course built in an eco-friendly way ! Our carpenters and architects from "Design with Sense" work with local craftsmen from Brussels. They also have a human and eco friendly approach to their work.

  • The new layout of the shop has been designed in a participatory way with the architects, the Wonderloop team and the customers (via online surveys)

  • The materials we use come from local recycling sectors (wood, fabric, metal) OR new and eco-responsible suppliers (LED lighting with low consumption).

  • Custom furniture is designed and manufactured in their workshop in Saint-Gilles. 

The total cost of renovation will be 30.000€. We have three different sources of financing:

  • 10.000€ is provided by “Open Soon” that was granted by Hub.Brussels, which supports new innovative shops in Brussels

  • We would like to reach 10.000€ (or even more!) with this crowdfunding campaign

  • The last 10.000€ will be provided by our own funds and/or other subsidies

If you also want to be able to dress in accordance with your values, your style, and your budget, join the Wonderloop adventure!

To support our Slow Fashion boutique project in the heart of Brussels, it's very easy. You may:

  • Make a donation online and earn our eternal gratitude and a nice reward!

  • Talk about our crowdfunding campaign around you.

  • Come and say hello when the shop is reopened!

Wonderloop - your Slow Fashion shop

35 rue de Flandre, 1000 Brussels  I   From Tuesday to Saturday, 11am - 7pm

Reopening: Tuesday 9 October   I   Official opening event: Tuesday 18 October from 6pm to 9pm

We thank you in advance for your support and hope to see you at Wonderloop!


In the meantime, join the adventures of Wonderloop and WonderTeam on social networks (FacebookInstagram) and in our monthly newsletter (registration on our website).

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