Life Is Wonderpoule

/ They’re coming to town. Who?


/ They’re coming to town. Who?

One day, Martin and Hugo, living in a house-share in Brussels, found themselves face-to-face with two bantam hens. They had two new housemates who weren’t in any hurry to leave. The idea was born: Martin and Hugo were going to do all they could to build them a cosy nest. Aurélie and Henry were going to help them to bring their girlfriends to the city.

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This project was ended 28/05/2017

They’re coming to town. Who? Bantam hens, laying hens, our wonderful chicken friends! In 2017, our organic waste has become a veritable resource! The hens love it and give us delicious fresh eggs.

Hens in the city: a new way of life.



How can we reduce our organic waste and move egg production to the city? Life Is Wonderpoule is the solution: the henhouse of your dreams with all the services that you’ll need. It’s never been so easy!

Our Packs

More than just a henhouse, we offer “Complete Packs” containing (1) a stylish and durable henhouse that is practical to use, (2) lovely laying hens and (3) a user guide (book, FAQ and video tutorials). As a bonus, we also offer a number of services, such as delivery of grain, installation of your henhouse and maintenance.

For all 

3 sizes of henhouse to cater to all requirements:

  • S-sized dome containing 2 laying hens, for families and house shares with a garden.
  • M-sized dome containing 4 laying hens, for shared gardens and multi-unit housing complexes.
  • XL-sized dome containing 6 laying hens for companies, retirement homes, schools, municipalities.


“Life is Wonderpoule” is a local solution with appropriate services enabling everyone to enjoy delicious eggs, home-produced in the city, while reducing their organic waste!

Did you know?

How will the €9,500 be used?

The amount requested will enable us to start production of the henhouses and purchase raw materials as well as a cargo bicycle for the transport of small loads. The €9,500 will help us stand on our own two feet.

The chicks are due to land in the city in the spring. For this, we need your help!

  • For €10, receive a poster of Poulette&Coquette.*
  • For €25, receive a T-shirt with our two characters. * SOLD OUT
  • For €60, we will offer you a “pancake egg surprise” brunch for 4 people.*
  • For €95, receive the first 3 rewards.* SOLD OUT
  • For €290, receive the pack with one S-sized dome henhouse with 2 hens + a manual to install which is a discount of €60!
  • For €450, we will offer you a “musical pancake” soirée for 15 people, in your home.
  • For €1,200, receive the pack with one M-sized dome henhouse with 4 hens and free maintenance for 3 months (once a week) + a manual to install.
  • For €2,400, receive the pack with one XL-sized dome henhouse with 6 hens and free maintenance for 6 months (once a week) + a manual to install .

* The first 4 rewards can be obtained at the Environment Festival, on 4 June, in the Parc du Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark.

(This text was translated by Ubiqus Belgium, Growfunding’s language service provider)